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Fernie to Krivinsky Farm Rec Site

Written on: Monday August 4th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

After waking up to pouring rain and forecasts of afternoon thunderstorms, we spent an extra rest day in Fernie. It was worth it (as rest days usually are) we had amazing fishing. On the coast the type of classic dry fly fishing where you see bugs coming off the water, tie on the right fly, see a fish rising, cast to it and catch it seldom happens. So, it was a joy to catch a nice 15 inch cutthroat for supper. After this I watched several fish refuse my mayfly imitation, tied on a fresh fly and caught and released three more large cutthroat in about a 15 min time span. Jen, however, was not so lucky. Score for the day Adam: four, Jen: zilch. The opposite is usually true. Fernie was awesome, world class fly fishing, skiing and mountain biking all right in town. And the scenery easily rivals, the much more crowded, Banff and Jasper. We want to live there someday!

We rode 68km of pavement and 10km of dirt road in about five hours today. The highway is such nice riding and you make way better time; If only, the countless big pickups with and without RVs didn't share the road. Most people across BC have been really good, slowing down and giving us room. But, as we near Alberta the people of that fair land appear not to sympathize with riding a fully loaded bike on a narrow gravel covered shoulder. They zoom right by in a hurry to get themselves and their big trucks back from their long weekend revelry. A-holes. Truck drivers are generally great and tend to move their big-rigs as far over as they can, even on twisty mountain roads. It's just a generalized trend but we've noticed Alberta license plates tend to be a little closer and a little easier to read as they zoom past. I've been thinking about attaching a "cops-for-cancer" flag onto the back of my bike and writing R.C.M.P. in bold, black letters on my helmet. We're almost, there (Kannaskis) where we'll end the trip. From here, up,up,up we go further into Los Montanans.