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Cranbrook to Wapiti Lake

Written on: Thursday July 31st, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

After an Alberta-esque dinner at Frank's Famous Steak and Shnitzel Haus, we slept well and head out the next morning under clear skies on the very last section of rail trail on the TCT in BC. It was just the kind of day I like - clear skies, minimal highway riding, a slightly rolling, paved country road ambling past farms, lakes, mountain views and cows, and lunch at a quaint country general store. Ha Ha Creek Road is the ambling country road I described and views of the Rockies were in sight most of the day. The general store in Wardner was right next door to a house with Cougar Hound puppies for sale. The black and tan one was my favourite, but without a side car for the pup to rest, I thought it would be mean to make it finish the trek with us.

We crossed the Kootenay River, the same one we swam in at Duane's in Glade, but in this country it looks sky blue, like those quintessential glacial silt Rockie lakes. We ended the day after about 50 km and camped at the Wapiti Forest Service Campground. It was so peaceful compared to the myriad RV parks we've been in so far. The fish taunted us, rising to eat insects all night and all morning. The lily pad ring around the lake didn't allow for fishing from the bank, and our float tube is at home in storage. Next time.


From Sarah B. on Aug 27th, 2008

My favorite picture. Your bikes by the lilly-pad lake. What a beautiful trip, I've been reading the most interesting blog this morning and it's made my day. What a journey Adam and Solo!!