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Road Trip #2 cont'd - Glade to Cranbrook

Written on: Wednesday July 30th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

OK, so from Glade no more Rail Trail. So we had three options: 1) Cycle to the East Kootenays via Creston on the highway with two mountain passes on route; 2) Cycle the 80 km stretch of Gray Creek Pass (according to the guidebook, something like a "grueling, climb on logging road"); or, 3) Get a ride to Kimberly with my dad and stay with my brother in the Campground where he is living out of his Westfalia, doing a natural building course at the community college, and spend the gained time fishing the famous St. Mary's River. Hey, we're on vacation. So, option #3 it was.

We drove up Gray Creek Pass, the next day, to see what it would have been like, as we seem to continually skip these "grueling" sections of the trail. The consensus: a slog but not really that bad at all. Says we who drove up. We saw a guy from Calgary coming down on a mountain bike as we were driving up. He didn't look to have the really low Granny Gears our bikes are set up with. Maybe that is why he said he had to switch back up the road, and that his bike was continually turning downhill. After asking a passing motorist how far up he was, and being told "about a third of the way to the top", he graciously accepted a ride up and then enjoyed the descent.

We spent the afternoon fishing the upper St. Mary, wow beautiful! Jen's efforts were rewarded with a beautiful Cutthroat. We were told that the fishing right below the campground was great and we walked down to check it out after dinner. When we got there the river had changed from clear and very fast, to brown and even faster. Some guys in drift boats told us that the thunder storm we'd hidden out from in our tents the previous night had dislodged some river bank. We gave up on fishing and went for a hike the next day. We made it up into the sub-alpine, and enjoyed amazing wildflower displays. Coming back down, my dad rounded a corner and almost stepped on a huckleberry eating black bear who was, thankfully, not to territorial of his berry patch and took off at a gallop down the hill.

We then got a ride with my Dad the 20km to Cranbrook to spend a day looking around at Vehicles. Our 1982 Jetta probably won't like the Kamloops winters and we are hoping to find a reasonably priced vehicle to get home with.



From AdHoc & JenZa on Aug 2nd, 2008

woope, that would most likely be a crab spider not a ghost spider. Many crab spiders can change colour to camouflage themselves against the flowers they live on.: http://www.austmus.gov.au/factSheets/flower_spider.htm

From Mike s on Aug 3rd, 2008

Wow, guys, I just feel plain old lazy after reading all about your adventure. sounds like youre havin fun though. good job cheers

From Tennessee Carol on Aug 4th, 2008

I have been enjoying your journal. I admire your spirit of adventure as much as your stamina!