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Road Trip #2 - Christina Lake to Glade

Written on: Sunday July 27th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

Earl, Adam and I hopped into Earl's air-conditioned Jetta and headed to the Kootenays to visit Adam's cousin Duane and Duane's two kiddos, Josie and Marco. Surprisingly, Adam's brother, Kirk, was there too. We had a fantastic time swimming in Kootenay River, tossing sticks off the dock for Wraith to fetch (that's Kirk's dog), BBQ-ing and experiencing "hob nobs" for the first time (a cookie perfect for smore making). We were having such a great time that we forgot to take pictures of this leg of the trip. Duane is building a timber-frame, straw-bale house for his mom on her property overlooking the river and the itty bitty ferry to take you to Glade. For those who don't know BC (and maybe even for those who do), Glade is a small community of about 200 folks on the east side of the Kootenay River, between Castlegar and Nelson. There's nothing there but mountains and residential homes on what was former Dukabour (sp?) farmland. Google Dukabours to learn about the interesting history of these Russian pacificist immigrants. If you make it to Castlegar, there's a museum, restored community and excellent restaurant to learn more. We visited it last year when we stayed w/Duane. Some of you will remember me talking about that trip, during which one of the highlights was cracking walnuts on a tree stump with a hammer while sitting barefoot and taking in the views.