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Greenwood to Grand Forks

Written on: Thursday July 24th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

On the road again...

After a rainy rest day, we welcomed a cloudy morning start heading from Greenwood to Grand Forks. There was a slight climb up to Eholt Station, but it was steady enough to feel like a decent workout rather than a long slog. After Eholt, the trail became more interesting on the descent. We left farmer's fields and the company of horses and hay to enter the forest. We picked up nice speed breezing through, and encountered our first sketchy bout with wildlife...a barking dog. We escaped unscathed and continued through a tunnel to come out the other side overlooking the Granby River far below. It is idyllic scenery at its best. We left the trail and headed down to the river to fish. Adam caught one but then some kids came out on their gigantic aqua trampoline, and he had to move onto another (less productive) pool. We finished off the ride with steak, potatoes and beers at the Grand Forks Station Pub. (We seem to be eating more meat as we get closer to Alberta, perhaps in preparation?) We also camped in the oddest campground ever. It was the municipal park right downtown next to City Hall. For those Victorians, think of camping in Vic West Park next to the skate park. It was strange, but we're guessing it's just a way for the city to make a bit more money. Off to Christina Lake tomorrow and to rendezvous with Adam's dad, Earl. We'll then cheat again and ride with him up to Glade to visit Adam's cousin Duane in Glade, BC.