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Rain Falling on Greenwood

Written on: Wednesday July 23rd, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

Cycled from Rock Creek to Greenwood yesterday. We rode the highway most of the way because we'd heard the rail grade was soft, sandy and right beside the highway anyways.

Arrived by noon yesterday and decided to take a rest day today. Enjoying luxuries such as a hotel room, a hot bath for aching leg muscles, rehydration, mangoes and the Greenwood Museum. It has been showering and thunder storming since last night. A welcome break from the energy sucking heat of the last few days.

Greenwood has an interesting history and a quaint restored 1890s main street. A metropolis during the Gold Rush the town had few people by the 1930s. The population increased during the second World War when Canada interned 1200 people of Japanese descent and stole all of their possessions. One of the most horrible actions of the last century. An account of US internment in the San Juan Islands is told in one of my favourite books, Snow Falling on Cedars by John Guterson. The movie version of the film was shot right here in Greenwood. The town definitely deserves a visit if you're headed down highway #3, if only for a stop at the wicked bakery.

We're off to eat pizza and do some fishing in Boundary Creek which runs through town. We'll have to share a rod as we broke one fishing the Kettle River in Beaverdell. Oh well. The rod is warrantied and the fishing was worth. Small but beautiful trout in a clear, knee-deep creek... one after the other on midge imitations. Hopefully the same is true tonight, but a fish larger than 10 inches would be nice :)



From paulz on Jul 24th, 2008

Wish I was there!

From barbz on Jul 24th, 2008

Sounds like you're having a good time. Hope the rain stops before you hit the trail again. Be safe. Love, MOM

From Steph & JP on Jul 27th, 2008

We're with you all the way! Keep up the good work. Love you lots!

From Robert on Jul 28th, 2008

The flower is a Sagebrush Mariposa Lily (Calochortus marcrocarpus) aka Star Tulip.

From AdHoc & JenZa on Aug 2nd, 2008

Robert Wins a Prize!!! To be determined...