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Cheating Never Pays

Written on: Saturday July 19th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

We spent most of last week in Kamloops looking for a house. Not much to tell other than that stuff is both expensive and hard to find there right now. We found a nice three bedroom townhouse and are currently looking for a roommate (who loves to cook and clean for others).

Friday, we drove down to Kelowna to drop off our rental car and skip a few hundred kilometers of trail riding across the coast mountains. The problem is, the Trans Canada Trail sits 900m above Kelowna. The 6km up to it was a vicious 700m climb, most of it on logging road. This is an average gradient of 10%, and many sections were steeper than that. We watched pick up trucks slipping as we grinded up the washboard gravel road in the Okanagan heat. (I thought I was going to die.) If we had taken the trail, which is railway grade from Hope to Castlegar (half way through the province), the maximum slope would have been a gentle 2%. So, I guess you can only cheat so much. We rode through the marvelous Myra Canyon, a popular section of the trail that runs over trestles and through tunnels in the sub-alpine above Kelowna. We camped at McCullough Lake, where a late-night partying, 4x4ing meeting of the Kelowna ATV club was taking place. It was difficult to ignore the roar of four-wheelers and pick-ups by our tent.