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RV parks or bust...

Written on: Tuesday July 8th, 2008

A journal entry from: Fishes and Bicycles

Day 2 and we're at our second RV park. Yesterday, we cycled the lovely Lochside trail from Victoria to Sidney, then ferried to Tsawwassen (just south of Vancouver). It was about 40 km, but it was the first day. The RV Park left something to be desired. We think one of the RVs may have been a meth lab in disguise. The highlight was the woman frying pork chops and bacon in the woman's bathroom on an electric skillet. Splashdown Park made up for all of this though. We don't have pictures of the water park because we were both having so much fun, neither of us wanted to stop and take a picture of the other. It was a blast, especially after a long hot ride. There was also a sketchy hot tub.

Today also ended with a tent in an RV park and a hot tub, but this RV park is much nicer (but louder). Some folks with a big black truck and a little sleek sports car (both with Alberta plates) are camped next to us. They have two small dogs named Missy and Chewy. We haven't actually talked to them, but we can hear every word they say. Oops, Chewy is being a ?bad boy?. And the little kids next to us are going to cook smores. Yay! I'm typing this from the tent by the way, on our new mini laptop ? the Eee.

Regarding the actual cycling, it's fantastic but we're still getting our legs. I love cycling slowly past fat pink pigs, shiny horses and tall skinny cows. (I saw the tallest, skinniest cow in my life today. I joked that it must be a Hockin cow, as they are tall and skinny too.) My first wildlife sighting was a dragonfly (or was it a damselfly) while still on the Lochside Trail in Victoria, just past the ICBC office at McKenzie and Borden (for you Victorians who may know the trail).

We bought some fresh strawberries today too. They were the sweetest, tastiest things ever. Unfortunately, I spilled some juice on my new cycling shorts, so my coordinated blueberry outfit (not intentionally coordinated) will be no more. The berries were worth it though.

One last thought before I nod off. If ever you find yourself cycling through BC, avoid 16th Ave headed west out of White Rock. If you are a giant tractor trailer or an unusually aggressive driver, by all means, take this route! Cyclists, detour south to 8th Ave. It's where the 100-mile diet food is grown.


p.s. (added the next day) The lady in the sports car left and just before she came back we heard Chewy squeal. When she came back, she asked the guy why Chewy was acting like an idiot. The guy claimed he didn't know why, and then after some more probing, he admitted, like a boy who stole a cookie from the cookie jar, ?I stepped on him.? Adam and I are still laughing out loud.


From Mary Ellen on Jul 9th, 2008

I hope you stay safe and really enjoy your adventure!! We'll keep checking your progress from St. Louis.

From barbz on Jul 10th, 2008

What an adventure. Jen, good thing you aren't in Kansas, remember last time you drove through there! Hope you guys are enjoying the trip. Be safe! Love, Mom