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Footstops. A better way to travel.

Footstops is a great new way to travel with a different attitude than everyone else.

Responsible Travel and A New Way of Thinking
Footstops stands apart from other sites in many ways, but we think the most important one is how we give back. All the profits we make through advertising, donations, and merchandise is donated back to charities that you get to choose. Use Footstops for your travel experience and help give back to people who need it!

Google Maps and Google Earth
Using the most interactive and international mapping software, Footstops automatically plots your trip across the globe and allows your family and friends to see exactly where you are.

Photo Albums
One of the most important parts of any trip is the memories you capture along the way. Upload all your photos and Footstops will organize them as you go.

Travel Journals
Record your experiences using our simple editor and spin your tales every step along the way. Add photos, Google Video, and YouTube videos to your posts to spice them up.

No Need for Mass Emails
Tired of writing or receiving mass, impersonal emails? Subscribe to a friend's account and get notifed whenever they add new journals or keep up to date with their personalized RSS Feed. Even notify all your Facebook friends with the click of a button.

No Frills, No Problems
We are missing some of the flashy, "cool" features you'll find on other sites, but when you're using an ancient computer in some rainforest, you probably won't care. We believe we've struck the fine line between beauty and practicality.