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Travellin' Green

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By: Dana Ramler

For those of us paying attention, we hear more and more about climate change, carbon footprints, and carbon neutrality. What do these things mean to you and I? Dana takes a look at some of our problems and provides greener alternatives.

Help Free Burma

Burma has been in the news a lot lately for its military oppression of peaceful demonstrations but what is really going on there and how can we help? The issues come down to basic human rights, government corruption and oppression.

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Meeting People is Easy

Daz&Caz's Profile Picture


From Wymondham, Norfolk, Great Britain

<p>We are 24 and 25 and have made the decision to live life and see the world before settling down.We have recenty qualified as hypnotherapists and NLP Practitioners, which has stoked a real passion for enjoying life! We hope to use our skills along the way, passing on some great techniques in exchange for all the amazing cultures and new experiences we are going to encounter! Our own little way of giving something back when and where ...

Hanna's Profile Picture


From Milwaukee, WI, United States

Sayula, Mexico, here I come!...

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From Canada

<p>Partis faire une couple de commissions. En Europe. On revient vers 7 h... le soir de la St-Jean! N'oubliez pas de nous dire où sera le party!</p><p> À tantôt!</p><p>xx</p><p>Soph, Mat et leurs pack-sacs</p> ...

Sophie's Profile Picture


From Sheffield, Great Britain

Hello, ima 4th year medical student, working and travelling in different coutries doingmy elective as part of my coursefor 10 weeks! Not bad ha!...

Recent Wanderings

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

Time basically ran out on us and we were left with only two further stops in Turkey: Pamukkale and Selçuk.  It's a fair hike on a bus to get from the coast to Pamukkale but the dual attractions of the white, mineral water filled terraces and the ruins of ancient Hierapolis make it a worthwhile trip. We booked in for two days but should have only stayed one as the town  of Pamukkale itself was an oddly se... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Experienced By: lamundsen

After a week of yet again relaxing it was time to hit the road (or sea) again for a little last minute touring before heading home. Our first stop was the town of Kota Bahru which is located in the north eastern province of Kelantan, a centre of Malay culture and Islamic tradition. Here you still see women going about their daily business dressed in traditional costumes highly influenced by the local craft of batik printing. ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: d_weisk

As we sadly left Toblach, we looked forward to the next phase of out trip. After a night in Innsbruck, Austria we were off to Germany for one final week. Starting in the very south of Bavaria we spent a night and day in Fussen, the location of the fairytale castle of Neuschweintstein. This was to be our last night in hotels and we had a nice place just outside of the village. We spent sometime exploring ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

We had barely touched down in Vancouver after our four month European trip before taking off again. This time to Mexico for a two week trip. The attraction was a rendezvous with a group of friends we call the "villa people". This was our third séjour in a villa, the first time being in Umbria, Italy and the second Corsica, France. The villa this time was situated near the center of a beautiful Spanish colonia... Read More »