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Travellin' Green

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By: Dana Ramler

For those of us paying attention, we hear more and more about climate change, carbon footprints, and carbon neutrality. What do these things mean to you and I? Dana takes a look at some of our problems and provides greener alternatives.

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Meeting People is Easy

Enigma Phoenix's Profile Picture

Enigma Phoenix


A conformed and routined woman trying to recapture the variety, excitement and spontaneity of my youth.  Continueously looking for that perfect balance....

hkia's Profile Picture


From Vancouver, BC, Canada

I'm a 21 year-old scatterbrain who's going to SE Asia. I'm hoping for an interesting experience before I go back to school in the fall. ...

jolinarodriguez's Profile Picture


From Virgin Island, US Virgin Islands

I'm from Virgin Island <strong>Jolina Rodriguez</strong> Interest in Education love to Travel around the world meet people and fond in Shopping. ...

Jessie's Profile Picture


From Belgium

I'm a 21yo student of Eastern European languages and cultures. I love to learn new languages, cultures, history and of course, I love to travel. I try to get to know new places each year, although there are a few countries where I've been a couple of times already....

Recent Wanderings

Travel Journal Highlight

Granada, Spain

Experienced By: lamundsen

From Sitges we continued our voyage south with our destination a place called Javea which is located on the coast midway between Valencia and Alicante. There we were well hosted by fellow villa people Ron and Julie Hall. These transplanted British, Botswanan, South African, Vancouverites have decided to make their new home here. And a wise decision it is. What's to lose when your are paying the same price for a four bedr... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Cross country skiing Japan!

Experienced By: d_weisk

Skiing Japan!(For more pictures and blogs of the rest of Japan, see previous blogs). Well another ski season has come and past and with that many great memories. This past December, Laure and I were fortunate to travel to Japan for several weeks to sightsee and ski. Most people don't associate Japan with skiing at all, and if they do, they think deep powder skiing, surely not... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Nicaragua , 2015

Experienced By: ben_debbie

Starting  a  new  journal  to  share  some  of  our  experiences  on  this  5  week  trip .   Starting  out  with  a  glitch  as  our  first  flights on January  20th   were  cancelled  due  to  a  foggy  evening  in  Kelowna , but  rescheduled  for  the  ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

Time basically ran out on us and we were left with only two further stops in Turkey: Pamukkale and Selçuk.  It's a fair hike on a bus to get from the coast to Pamukkale but the dual attractions of the white, mineral water filled terraces and the ruins of ancient Hierapolis make it a worthwhile trip. We booked in for two days but should have only stayed one as the town  of Pamukkale itself was an oddly se... Read More »