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What to Bring Travelling: Photography Equipment

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By: Bryan Rite

It can be hard to know what type of equipment to bring and how to go about storing your photos safely while on the road. This guide will help you get started in the right direction and explains some of the most common options available.

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Stephanie's Profile Picture


From United States

Stephanie Marie ...

Evan's Profile Picture


From Brisbane, Australia

I'm lucky enough to work for one of the larger travel agents in Australia. I don't neccessarily get cheap travel (sometime but it's certainly not a given), but I do derive an enormous amount of inspiration from work, there is always someone heading off or arriving back from somewhere exciting. If you're into travel I'd highly recommend working in the travel industry. It's fantastic when your work and hobby comes together. I hope you en...

Jenica's Profile Picture


From Calgary, Canada

I'm always looking for an adventure and planning on wandering the world for the rest of my life....

Lisa's Profile Picture


From Kelowna, Canada

Hey... so about me... Igraduated from UBC last yearand I have worked for the last year in order to go on what will be a 7 week adventure throughout western europe this summer.This will be my first big trip andI can't wait for the adventure to start!...

Recent Wanderings

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

We spent a couple of more days in Zimbabwe seeing first Hwange National Park, then the former capital of  Zimbabwe, Bulawayo and the nearby Matopos Hills. Camping at Hwange was an interesting experience as there are no fences around the campground to keep out the wild and dangerous beasts. We were camped near a watering hole and got very close to an elephant mum and her child via a wildlife blind. Fortunately we were nei... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Cross country skiing Japan!

Experienced By: d_weisk

Skiing Japan!(For more pictures and blogs of the rest of Japan, see previous blogs). Well another ski season has come and past and with that many great memories. This past December, Laure and I were fortunate to travel to Japan for several weeks to sightsee and ski. Most people don't associate Japan with skiing at all, and if they do, they think deep powder skiing, surely not... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Nicaragua , 2015

Experienced By: ben_debbie

Starting  a  new  journal  to  share  some  of  our  experiences  on  this  5  week  trip .   Starting  out  with  a  glitch  as  our  first  flights on January  20th   were  cancelled  due  to  a  foggy  evening  in  Kelowna , but  rescheduled  for  the  ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

Time basically ran out on us and we were left with only two further stops in Turkey: Pamukkale and Selçuk.  It's a fair hike on a bus to get from the coast to Pamukkale but the dual attractions of the white, mineral water filled terraces and the ruins of ancient Hierapolis make it a worthwhile trip. We booked in for two days but should have only stayed one as the town  of Pamukkale itself was an oddly se... Read More »