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European Travelling 101: Planes, Trains, and Buses... oh my!

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By: Megan Stephenson

Europe is a popular travel destination and there are a lot of options for getting around. Megan helps keep it simple and explains the pros and cons of European travel.

Help Free Burma

Burma has been in the news a lot lately for its military oppression of peaceful demonstrations but what is really going on there and how can we help? The issues come down to basic human rights, government corruption and oppression.

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harry thomson's Profile Picture

harry thomson


Hi, I'm Harry from Australia. I enjoy sharing information in this place and looks forward to meet more friends here. ...

Kev on Tour's Profile Picture

Kev on Tour

From Liverpool, Great Britain

Planning on travelling around the world.As well as letting you know where I am am and how i'm doing, you will be able to leave me little messages of support (which, honestly, i will really appreciate) while i'm off having a top time.As well as the above, this will hopefully be a vehicle for me to impart upon you all my feelings and words of wisdom!...

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From Albuquerque, United States

Webmaster for

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From London, Great Britain

Hi, My name's Alex, a French living in London (how original some might say!). While most people use the site to share their experience in Kenya, Brazil or Thailand, I'll describe here the amazing moment I'm having in places likes London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Oxford, Galway City, Lahinch... and I'm sure there's more to come! Traduction pour ma grand-mčre : Coucou, c'est ton petit fils Alex, expatrié chez les rostbifs :-)...

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Travel Journal Highlight

Sake, fire and empty ski trails!

Experienced By: d_weisk

Nearing the end It is always a funny feeling writing the final blog once back home. In a sense it is hard to find the time to sit down and start writing, however, it is also a sense of realization that the trip is over. On the one hand, you have to at moments ask yourself if it really did ever happen... When we last left off, Dion had just dropped us off at Shibuonsen, which is a small moun... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

Time basically ran out on us and we were left with only two further stops in Turkey: Pamukkale and Selçuk.  It's a fair hike on a bus to get from the coast to Pamukkale but the dual attractions of the white, mineral water filled terraces and the ruins of ancient Hierapolis make it a worthwhile trip. We booked in for two days but should have only stayed one as the town  of Pamukkale itself was an oddly se... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Experienced By: lamundsen

After a week of yet again relaxing it was time to hit the road (or sea) again for a little last minute touring before heading home. Our first stop was the town of Kota Bahru which is located in the north eastern province of Kelantan, a centre of Malay culture and Islamic tradition. Here you still see women going about their daily business dressed in traditional costumes highly influenced by the local craft of batik printing. ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: d_weisk

As we sadly left Toblach, we looked forward to the next phase of out trip. After a night in Innsbruck, Austria we were off to Germany for one final week. Starting in the very south of Bavaria we spent a night and day in Fussen, the location of the fairytale castle of Neuschweintstein. This was to be our last night in hotels and we had a nice place just outside of the village. We spent sometime exploring ... Read More »