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European Travelling 101: Planes, Trains, and Buses... oh my!

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By: Megan Stephenson

Europe is a popular travel destination and there are a lot of options for getting around. Megan helps keep it simple and explains the pros and cons of European travel.

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Meeting People is Easy

Dhiren's Profile Picture


From Calgary, AB, Canada

Student at UVIC, travelling in India, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia in the early part of 2008....

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jammin' down the highway for not a lot of bread....

rachel's Profile Picture


From Nashville,TN, United States

I am a recent college graduate with a degree in art education and to the dismay of some friends and family I have chosen to turn down a great job and travel for a little while around the U.S. with some friends from college. Since graduation, I have been a full time nanny, and now I am ready to travel! I enjoy painting and making things, the outdoors, playing sports, sleeping, playing games and talking to people. I am truly blessed ...

Ruth's Profile Picture


From Bath, Great Britain

"At the end of the day, this is my beautiful disaster..."Trying to create a balance between being a decent person and satisfying my own selfish human nature, this is just a little space for me to fill to let my friends and family know what I get up to when they're not looking...If you're trying to get a hold of me I'm on facebook and if you're looking for somewhere to crash I'm on couchsurfing......

Recent Wanderings

Travel Journal Highlight

The Pyrenees

Experienced By: lamundsen

It's been awhile since our last post but since we have been moving fairly slowly and not covering a lot of ground there has not been a lot to write about. We have spent the last two weeks in the part of France that borders on the Mediterranean Sea and the Pyrenees Mountain chain. Our ultimate goal was to be able to hike in the Pyrenees, however we had to wait a good 10 days for the weather to clear. In the meantime we we... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Experienced By: lamundsen

After a week of yet again relaxing it was time to hit the road (or sea) again for a little last minute touring before heading home. Our first stop was the town of Kota Bahru which is located in the north eastern province of Kelantan, a centre of Malay culture and Islamic tradition. Here you still see women going about their daily business dressed in traditional costumes highly influenced by the local craft of batik printing. ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: d_weisk

As we sadly left Toblach, we looked forward to the next phase of out trip. After a night in Innsbruck, Austria we were off to Germany for one final week. Starting in the very south of Bavaria we spent a night and day in Fussen, the location of the fairytale castle of Neuschweintstein. This was to be our last night in hotels and we had a nice place just outside of the village. We spent sometime exploring ... Read More »

Travel Journal Highlight


Experienced By: lamundsen

We had barely touched down in Vancouver after our four month European trip before taking off again. This time to Mexico for a two week trip. The attraction was a rendezvous with a group of friends we call the "villa people". This was our third séjour in a villa, the first time being in Umbria, Italy and the second Corsica, France. The villa this time was situated near the center of a beautiful Spanish colonia... Read More »